What are the ERDF and Cohesion Funds? What do they offer you?

The European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and the Cohesion Funds (CF) are a category of EU funds, allocated to the different EU Member States to support the development and structural adjustment of their economies, including the conversion of declining industrial regions and regions lagging behind.

In Malta, the Managing Authority responsible for the ERDF and CF is the Planning and Priorities Coordination Division (PPCD), whilst such funds are allocated in accordance with Operational Programme I: ‘Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges’

The objectives of the Programme should be achieved through twelve priority axes namely:

·         Priority Axis 1: Investing in research, technological development and innovation;

·         Priority Axis 2: Consolidating investment within the ICT sector;

·         Priority Axis 3: Enhancing Malta’s competitiveness through investment in SMEs;

·         Priority Axis 4: Shifting towards a low-carbon economy;

·         Priority Axis 5: Protecting our environment - investing in natural and cultural assets;

·         Priority Axis 6: Sustainable Urban Development;

·         Priority Axis 7: Shifting towards a more low-carbon transport sector;

·         Priority Axis 8: Investing towards a more socially-inclusive society;

·         Priority Axis 9: Developing our future through education, training and lifelong learning;

·         Priority Axis 10: Investing in a more environmentally-friendly society;

·         Priority Axis 11: Investing in TEN-T Infrastructure; and

·         Priority Axis 12: Technical Assistance

From time to time, the Managing Authority will be issuing a number of calls/schemes to finance projects under each of the above priority axis. Some will be restricted for public bodies. Others, such as the schemes managed through Business Enhance, target private businesses. Yet others, such as schemes aimed to encourage restorationof cultural or natural assist, target NGOs. 

Different Calls will have different funding rates depending on whether they concerns funds allocated by the EU under the ERDF (80%) or the CF (85%).

Atriga Consult can help you navigate through the process of preparing, applying or managing such projects. We may help you to build your project to ensure it is feasible, reasonable and eligible, compile the application form, collate the necessary statistics, link the project to the different indicators, carry out your Financial Assessment, Financial Feasibility Study or Cost Benefit Analysis…