Mr Stefan Cachia BA Hons (Melit), MA (Melit)

Senior Consultant (External)
Mr Stefan Cachia boasts of an extensive working knowledge on EU matters, in general and EU funding, in particular.
Having read for a Bachelor’s degree in History, followed by a Masters’ degree in History, both conferred by the University of Malta, Mr Cachia is currently reading for a PhD with the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture also at the University of Malta.
Professionally, for more than fifteen years, Mr Cachia managed or has been involved in many an EU funded project covering areas like European security, defence policy, agriculture, fisheries, energy, environment and climate change. He was also involved in the formulation of national policies relating to these areas.
Mr Cachia was entrusted with the management of EU funded schemes aimed at the private sector in Malta with most of these falling under the European Fisheries Fund. Furthermore, Mr Cachia chaired the appeals committee for the Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013.