SME Growth Grant Scheme

Would you like to expand your business? Are you considering setting up a new establishment? Do you know that there is the possibility of tapping into EU funds to help you do so? Yes... but are you aware of the challenges of applying for EU funds or managing EU funded projects?


The SME Growth Grant Scheme[1] offers the possibility of a grant of up to €500,000 to help your business grow, where the grant would be equal to 35% (for small and micro enterprises) or 25% (for medium enterprises) of your eligible expenditure.[2]

The scheme is open for SMEs and provides funding for investments related to the extension of the capacity of your existing establishment, or to help you set up a new establishment, an investment which helps your business grow and increase the number of your employees.

EU funds would cover in part costs such as the leasing/rental of privately owned operational premises, construction and/or up-grading costs, the purchasing of new equipment, machinery and/or plant, and the procurement of patents and licenses.

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[1]The Scheme is managed by Measures and Support Division within the Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto as part of its Business Enhance programme.

[2]Funding rates will be reduced to 30% (for small and micro enterprises) and 20% (for medium enterprises) of the eligible expenditure with effect from 1 January 2018.