Nenu The Artisan Baker


Nenu The Artisan Baker


Company / Entity background

The client descends from a string of renowned bakers who with their love for bread-making and a magical bread-making recipe, managed to build a top-rated bakery reputation around the Maltese Islands.  Amid the quiet streets of Valletta, the client envisioned what most of us would call an abandoned derelict site to become a restored bakery transformed into a local food eatery.  His mission was to reinforce tradition and foster an educational experience to locals and foreigners alike whilst revitalising the capital city. 

With our guidance

The client's vision was transformed into a winning concept.  We laid out a strategy and meticulously planned every stage, from the construction phase to the very launch date and marketing activities that went beyond project completion.  Once construction was completed, we were there to oversee that every supplier was delivering and that all equipment fitted in with the interior designer's plans which facilitated the flow of restaurant operations.  The restaurant also entertains visitors by the use of large screen LCDs that showcase how this concept evolved and the steps to making authentic Maltese bread. 

We ensured that the right marketing mediums were used and created all printed and online material required as well as co-ordinating the production of videos, advertising clips as well as the design and launch of the project’s website.  With such a holistic and sustainable project underway, Atriga Consult sourced the adequate EU funding programme, namely the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013 Operational Programme 1, Priority Axis 2 – AID SCHEMES and, on behalf of the client, applied for grants managed by the Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit, Malta. 

The project was awarded with the Best Practice Award by the Funding Unit - placing 1st out of 90 applications - and, over two successive calls, in total, the project managed to secure, approximately, € 180,000 in funding.