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The Valletta Local Council


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Europe’s smallest capital city in the heart of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, Valletta is a dynamic city which has never ceased to change and move forward, retaining its original beauty and splendour. 

Valletta is the designer city of the 16th Century built straight from the drawing-board of three men (a) a political leader and head of the Order of the Knights, Jean Parisot de la Valette, (b) a warrior engineer, Francesco Laparelli and (c) a Maltese Architect, GirolamoCassar.

Valletta is one of Europe’s most sophisticated micro cities with an intense concentration of baroque architecture and a defence line of Fortifications that is second to none.

The city administration functions through a council of members elected by the registered voters living in the city. The council is headed by the mayor, the political head of the city government. The post is awarded to the councillor voted in with the highest number of votes from the political grouping which has the majority of seats.  

With our guidance

Following a successful bid, Atriga Consult was contracted by the Valletta Local Council, to submit a Marketing Plan for the city of Valletta aimed at providing city administrators with data on findings as well as making recommendations.  All this was meant for the Local Council to establish a way forward enabling it to, eventually, hold further discussions with pertinent entities and individuals with the primary scope being that of promoting the city as a separate promotional package from the usual holistic approach, to date adopted, grouping Valletta as part of Malta’s marketing plan rather than it being presented as a unique selling proposition.