Electrical Supplies & Services Ltd


Electrical Supplies & Services Ltd



Company / Entity background

Electrical Supplies & Services Ltd (ESS) is one of Malta’s leading switchgear assemblers in addition to being an importer and supplier of electrical products and services.  It was established during the first quarter of 2001 and ever since has continuously expanded its portfolio to cater for the demands of the local market.

With our guidance

Over the last couple of years we have successfully managed to:

a. obtain EU funds (approximately € 200,000) on behalf of the client relating to ERDF Energy Grant Scheme – CALL 3
b. assist client with HR matters
c. assist client with sales management issues
d. co-ordinate the design of the client’s portfolio brochure
e. co-ordinate the production of a corporate video
f. co-ordinate the production of a couple of adverts intended for TV