Paolo Bonnici Limited


Paolo Bonnici Limited


Company / Entity background

Paolo Bonnici Ltd was founded by the late Mr Paolo Bonnici in 1913.  At the time, the company started out principally with the importation of various food products, apart from being a contractor to the local Civil Government and to H.M. Forces stationed in Malta.

Operating from its offices in Marsa, the premises incorporate 6,000 square metres of warehousing facilities from where it manages and distributes merchandise on a daily basis through its own fleet of vehicles, guaranteeing a timely service and ensuring that all products are received in good condition and ambience.  Paolo Bonnici Ltd has a diverse portfolio of world-leading branded foodstuffs, confectionery items, detergents and collectable models and crafts, and its clients range from the smaller retail village shops to the large-scale supermarkets and specialised shops.

With our guidance

Atriga Consult was entrusted with a turnaround exercise enabling the Company to identify ways to enable it to face future management and operational challenges.